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We started ZA-HA with a clear purpose. To allow you to easily take any dish and transform it from ordinary, to extraordinary! 

ZA-HA is a Mediterranean blend of roasted garlic, toasted sesame, zaatar seasoning, and olive oil that can be used as a condiment, spread, or dip to take any meal from good, to AMAZING! 

ZA-HA Zaatar Spread adds a uniquely rich, incredible flavor to anything you decide to put it on! 

We created ZA-HA to be versatile. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any meal in between, ZA-HA is guaranteed to add unique flavors that will leave you wondering how you've went so long without it....
It's the condiment you never knew you needed... until now!
  •  Instantly adds incredible, rich flavor to any dish!
  •  100% Natural, healthy ingredients. Gluten Free, Vegan. Zero artificial ingredients.
  •  Add to meat to introduce bold flavors of garlic and herbs.
  •  Spread on eggs and toast for a flavorful, healthy breakfast with rich flavor that you can't get anywhere else!
  •  Mix with labneh to create an unforgettable dip that goes amazing with pita.
  •  Tired of the same old sandwiches? Use ZA-HA as a sandwich spread that instantly adds bold, rich flavor that will have you craving more! The possibilities are endless...
  •  Say goodbye to ordinary, and hello to extraordinary, only with ZA-HA!
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